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The Karabella Story

Karabella, from the term "Caraballa" (female carabao), is a social enterprise with the GK Enchanted Farm that offers fresh and real dairy products for everyone. We proudly use 100% fresh carabao milk, alongside the best natural ingredients sourced from other social entrepreneurs and local farmers—helping them have sustainable incomes. Together, we create honest to goodness dairy products such as fresh milk, ice cream, and milkshakes.

We are in the business of providing REAL dairy to Filipinos. We make sure that our products are authentic, with no alternative substances that may be harmful to one's health. We do not use vegetable oil in our products, but only carabao milk which in itself is already creamy goodness.

GK Enchanted Farm

The GK Enchanted Farm is a platform project from Gawad Kalinga. Its purpose is to grow social enterprises, help local farmers and promote wealth in the countryside.

While our country is abundant with resources, lands are still left unproductive and barren. If we can unleash the potential of the land and the people then this is how we can raise the bottom of the pyramid and end poverty in our country.

The farm

We need to recognize the massive resource available in the countryside. The Philippines have one of the richest ecosystems in the entire world! Therefore, the model of the GK Enchanted Farm focuses on transforming agricultural land into production centers to create wealth and eventually end poverty. That’s why Karabella started inside the farm.

The university

The GK Enchanted Farm is also the place where SEED was born. The School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development creates opportunities for learning through close interaction with people and the natural environment. There, the students re-learn what was lost due to our fast-paced society: love for the land, for the people, for their country.

SEED students aim to build their own social enterprise to eradicate poverty for their families and the Philippines.

Our social enterprise vision

We aim to be the preferred supplier and processor of carabao milk products in order to support our carabao local farmers and communities. Our dream is to be able to provide real dairy nutrition to every Filipino household through our products.

Our Mission

Our three-fold mission are:

  1.  to create wealth for Filipino farmers,

  2.  to grow the Philippine dairy industry,

  3. to provide real dairy nutrition for Filipino families.

Values we live by

As a social enterprise, we greatly uphold and believe in our core values. These values act as our guiding principle in every decision that we make.

  • We are HONEST. Everyone involved in the business (our team, suppliers, customers and clients) must observe integrity and honesty in both personal and professional setting.

  • We commit to QUALITY and SAFETY. We are certain that our products meet the expected quality and safety standards.

  • We are EQUITABLE. It is ensured that every partner receives the right compensation/ fair market price. We are here to help and we want to give everyone a chance.

  • We RESPECT PERSONAL TIME AND FAMILY TIME. Hence, we observe flexible work time with our communities.


  • We are FUN! We eat fun for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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