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Our products are made with 100% carabao's milk to nourish the calcium needs of your families and the families of the farmers we serve.


We have a total of 6 Filipino inspired flavors with award winning flavors from the Ultimate Taste Test Food competition like tablea chocolate, salted egg caramel and turon with langka. Ube halaya, peanut butter, and leche flan with calamansi zest Gelato are also swoon worthy flavors!

Since we love our Gelato flavors, we decided to keep things simple by using the same ingredients in our flavored milk. We sell fresh plain milk, tablea chocolate milk and peanut butter milk. Who knew that peanut butter milk works?! Just message us for orders!

Get your Karabella Dairy products from our partner outlets!

Thank you to our partners who make it possible to bring more opportunities in the rural communities. Each purchase from the following outlets help support our farmers and community partners.


GK Enchanted Farm

California St., Brgy. Engkanto, Angat, Bulacan


The Parenting Emporium

1st St. New Manila Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 725-3723 / (02) 738-6272 / 0917-5614366

We can’t wait to bring our fun and vibrant ice cream cart to your celebration so book our party carts today!

Our gelato party packages

Available flavors: Tablea Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Leche Flan, Turon, Salted Egg Caramel, Ube.

New flavors: Roasted white, Chocolate cashew.

Premium flavors: Sorvete de Manga, Vanilla, Bazooka Bubblegum, Dynamite, Tsa’a Latte, Kopi-Oh, Boozy Gelato, Tequila Cream, and Chocoholic.

All prices are non-VAT.

Our ice cream party package includes all of the following:

  • Karabella Booth ( with freezer)

  • Rocking Baby Karabella

  • Karabella cookie horns, cups and spoons

  • 4 hours of service

  • Your choice of 2 flavors for 100 – 150 scoops and 3 flavors for 200 scoops up

  • Scooper staff

  • Delivery & set-up (additional fees may be applied depending on event location)

Available flavors: Tablea Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Plain.

All prices are non-VAT.

Fresh and healthy Carabao Milk


Book 2 party food carts and get


5% more orders from Spud Buds

Tie up party packages

Triple the fun with this trio pack and get your dose of potato goodness, cotton candy sweets, and carabao milk ice cream. Book 2-3 of us at your next event and avail of freebies from us for triple the excitement!

Book 3 party food carts and get


10% more cups from Karabella


2 extra flavour from Fluffed Cotton Candy Connoisseurs


10% more orders from Spud Buds

1 extra flavour from Fluffed Cotton Candy Connoisseurs

5% more cups from Karabella


  • Delivery and set-up is at least 3 hours before the event due to freezer care

  • Serving will run for 4 hours (time begins from the agreed start of the event)

  • Karabella booth cart is recommended to stay indoors in an air-conditioned area and would also need an outlet for the freezer

  • For a more interactive booth, we need at least 2x2m space

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